“A Feast for the Senses”

Mannheim´s winter market at the water tower, is possibly the largest of all winter markets in Mannheim. Even at the moment of arrival, the first thing one may notice is a sweet smell in the air. The wooden huts are welcoming and winter songs are played. The people around are in a marry mood and children´s eyes shine. This is a winter market, but it allows you to completely forget the cold and chilly day it is.

Where ever you go, where ever you see, you smell a sweet scent and see packs of roasted almonds, gingerbread hearts – that smell and look as if they had just been made, the huts selling a variety of crepes from sweet to being filled with cheese. The choice is yours!

Delectable, hot and crisply grilled sausages in fresh buns, that smell and look surprisingly spicy. The huts selling them are spread out, here and there. The salty stream of hot air that you just noticed blowing in your face belongs to a french fry hut right next to the sausage hut. Mountains of hot french fries and fresh ketchup along with some other sauces make it hard to resist eating a handful or two.

You, then continue to walk and find yourself in a child´s dream world: Welcome to candy town! Population: pink, fluffy, xxl cotton candies, giant lollies in rainbow colors, which are half the size of your head; gummy bears in a variety of different shapes and flavors; roasted almonds, gingerbread hearts , long and sweet strings of licorice in many different colors and hundreds of colorful jelly beans. Passing by without noticing or ignoring the sweet scent is impossible, as such, you decide to buy some roasted almonds and a gingerbread heart.

You start chewing on a piece of the gingerbread heart and it makes you immediately feel 15 years younger. The sugary taste of the soft gingerbread amazes you and you can´t seem to get enough. In a matter of minutes, you have eaten up the whole heart and all that you realize happening around you is the laughing of people, Christmas- like music and the clinging of glasses and bottles.

You glance back at the market, one final time, before you leave. Then, happy as a 3-year-old child receiving a present, you leave the market and head home. You feel the frosty December wind blowing in your face and watch the falling snowflakes. With an image of merry celebrating and an advertisement for Christmas in your head, you notice something. Your hands are now surprisingly warmer than before.

Returning home, you run into a child. The child is wearing a blue hat and orange gloves, along with a blue jacket and pants; the boots are black. You see the faint image of yourself in that child and decide to share your roasted almonds. The child´s mother comes out of a bakery a few moments later, both thank you and the child asks you to bend down. She whispers into your ear, this is what she says: “Merry Christmas.”

By Sonja F., Grade 7


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