Fellowship of the Ring

When I saw the length of the book I almost cried, I could only think of how long would it take me to read it. As soon as I got to the tram, I started reading; I could not concentrate on the reading on all those little details they were given to me, I could only hear the conversation of others.

Finally, when I was on my own I advanced a little on my reading. As soon as I read the first page I knew how descriptive and long book this would be. As I expected it described every single character, wars, types of Hobbits, and other things so deep that you could imagine perfectly what the writer had in mind as he wrote.

I couldn’t read more than 10 pages without starting to think about something else or falling asleep; not because it was a bad book because it isn´t, but because the topic did not interest me. I kept reading and reading, during the first trip we went on. As soon as I got onto a train I would start reading, I would use the book in order to be able to sleep quickly.  In some parts of the book the story line started to get really interesting, but really tedious to read; all that descriptive writing did not let you get to the part that had you so intrigued.

As English is not my first language, (although I have been speaking it a long time), sometimes it was quite difficult  to understand some words. The language that Tolkien used to refer to things or in the dialogue between characters isn´t colloquial at all. They use old, weird vocabulary in order to give some reference to their time period; this making it more difficult and boring to read for me. Sometimes I needed to take out my phone and search for a word. With the combination of all those factors and the length of the book, it took me quite some time to read it and to completely pay attention.

By all means, it is not an awful book, but to enjoy this book you need to be really interested in this type of fantasy stories, and/or you need to have a great vocabulary (if you don’t want to need the dictionary) or just be a lover of reading books; things that I am not. As I don’t want to admit but I need to, the story in general is really exciting, especially when you know the previous and next books.

By Ana M.G., Grade 9 


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