Reading “Fellowship of the Ring”

When we were asked to read “The Fellowship of the Ring” during our vacations I immediately thought ‘No way!’ After all it was my time to rest and we had many trips planned for the two weeks. I thought it would certainly be a burden.

I had already read “The Hobbit” which is the prequel of this book, but as it was also an assignment to be followed by several tests on it-though it is a great story- it didn’t leave me craving for more. Also I haven’t watched the movies so I didn’t know what to expect.

As I read the prologue I was quite confused at the beginning until I reached a part that was familiar to me due to my knowledge from the previous book. From that point on I became immersed. I read whenever I could, trying to balance my friends and the tiredness from traveling  with reading as much as I could since I was on a schedule.

The way the author described the characters made you feel as if you understood them. You could really put yourself in their shoes. The fact that the book speaks about journeys and I was traveling made this even more realistic. Eventually I grew to love and hate some characters.

Regarding the story and the events, I can only say it is amazing how the author was able to create a world with its own history and to construct maps and describe unrealistic landscapes in a way that not anyone could. It  makes you feel inside the story in a whole other level. I couldn’t get enough. I wished I was in all those beautiful places and lived through all those adventures.

Another important factor of this book is how the author played with your feelings as it jumped from funny to intriguing one moment to the other. In some parts I couldn’t stop laughing and in others I felt very stressed.

The author fully accomplished his purpose of telling a story of a fantastic world and making the reader feel part of it. He used very precise vocabulary and his descriptions were thorough.

Overall the book was great. I didn’t think I would enjoy it so much but I did indeed, and now I can’t wait to read the next part.

By Nicole A., Grade 9


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