The Enchanting Park


As I walked towards the little green fence, I could already see my mom’s favorites flowers: red, yellow and white, bright tulips – an enormous sea of them. Stepping into the center of the park, to my right there was a little pond with orange little fish and about four green beautiful turtles. The water lilies were not fully grown; you could clearly see them about to be born-they were not as beautiful as they normally are.

There were a lot of old people sitting on military green chairs, enjoying the first rays of the sun of the year. All the old people were surrounding a beautiful huge tree, it looked as if snow was covering the branches, falling slowly towards the perfectly mowed green grass. I was also sitting around the snowy tree, enjoying the view of the park.

The back of the park was really shadowy with a collection of distinctive kinds of trees. There were also flowers, but they were tiny as a bee, also with brownish colors, not as colorful as tulips, that didn´t mean they weren’t just as gorgeous. As I kept roaming around in the back right corner, I could see sticking out a stunning small lilac tree, enclosed by a bunch of normal green boring trees. When I approached towards the mini forest I could feel the coldness of the lack of sun entering into my bones, as the warmness of the spring left my slowly. Strolling around I discovered a new part to the park, where a world of tiny baby flowers was still growing. It looked like they were about to discover the beautiful place where they were going to live for the rest of their lives.

In between both sides of the park, a beige house with blue and brownish touches was standing there. It looked kind of an old house; beautiful residence of someone with lots of privileges. Now waiters and tables were there, old people used it for relaxing and eating. As they talked slowly, they drank a warm cup of delicious coffee admiring the park.

The thing that I most enjoyed was all the different types of flowers. From the big, red, yellow, white, elegant, long and pretty tulips; to the simple, small, baby like, growing from the wild grass daisies. The most impressive thing was the trees: how gigantic, strong, woody, brownish and firm they were. It was fascinating how from a little seed, through a thin tiny root over time they’ve become such an intimidating strong tree, all the history that they have lived through the years and all the people that have seen it.

All the nature that stands inside the park brings you peace and clam into your life. The sound of old people talking quietly, the pigeons trying to communicate with each other, and the little cute birds singing towards the people observing the flowers. Listening to all those combined sounds and the nature made me really happy.

By Ana Maria V., Grade 9


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