Tolkien for Holidays

Being a teenager in the year 2017 and not knowing absolutely a thing about fantasy novels such as Harry Potter, Narnia, Twilight, nor The Lord of the Rings surely is not something you see every day.

However, that was my case just before the Easter Holidays of the present year showed up. One of the most challenging authors was assigned to me in order to be read: Tolkien. Two weeks, a bunch of long train rides, three German states and three more countries to be visited for the first time, along with my very first fantasy novel.

Five hundred thirty-one pages of a completely unrealistic journey, with a twenty-page prologue and miniature letter seemed to me an absolute nightmare. Not to mention the fact that I genuinely enjoy reading, but fantasy I find precisely boring.

Emerging myself to the complex Hobbiton World was incredibly confusing, so many different characters, creatures, lands, and events I was not familiar with were taking place since the prologue. Fortunately, as I continued to read the story unknown terms finally started to make sense. Creatures came now along with lands, sometimes I could even picture in my head biological trees, associations between characters and their respective ancestors. Every previous event began to interconnect with actual or future episodes, and things started to get easier and lighter to comprehend.

Reading is a habit unfortunately not so many people have developed, some might find it to be extremely boring while others simply haven’t really given it a chance. I believe literature is something everybody could truly enjoy if they know what to read.

Once you find a genre that appeals to you and gets you intrigued, everything else comes second.

Having to read books as an assignment in a certain period of time is a coin in the air, you could either love it or absolutely hate it. It is either the style, genre, topic or even an author you like or the complete opposite. This book could create the situation where you cannot stop reading but yet once you are getting closer to the so-hoped-end, you start slowing the pace because you do not want it to be over yet, or you find yourself setting alarms that remind you how many pages you must read per day in order to finish it on time (which happened to me as I realized how descriptive, and explicit Tolkien was).

As I said before, to me it is a coin in the air. However, if you are the type of person who enjoys reading fantasy and transporting to the entire setting of the story for the whole journey, I absolutely recommend reading Tolkien. If you are an adventurous and dreamy kind of person, wait no more and give it a shot.

By Ximena V., Grade 9


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